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MFG: SOUTHWIRE Model No: 12/2NM-WGX250
Inner conductors are type THHN, rated 90 deg C, 600 V. Solid strands. Outer jacket is PVC, rated at 75 deg C. Amp rating of the product is limited to ..
MFG: SLIME Model No: 40034
Choice. Having to decide if one thing is better than the other. We here at Slime think you shouldn't have to choose. Now the ability to inflate both t..
MFG: SLIME Model No: 10193
Does your tire have a tube inside or is it tubeless? Who cares?! Slime's new 2-in-1 tire and tube premium sealant works to prevent and repair flats in..
MFG: POWERZONE Model No: OR500825
You can use the extension cord to plug in power tools, holiday light displays, enjoy easy mobility and more no matter the project...

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