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Buy Ramset Caliber Yellow Strip Loads

by Shabbir Ezzi 01 Mar 2024
Buy Ramset Caliber Yellow Strip Loads

Jamaica hardware offers high-quality powder loads, designed for consistency and reliability. Specific load types are designed for each calibre powder-actuated tool. They are offered as single cartridge units for single-shot tools and also collated in groups of 10 into plastic strips for semi-automatic tools.

Ramset powder actuated safety load strip is a 10-shot strip for semi-automatic powder-actuated tools. This strip charge is a reliable and top-performing system for high-speed, repetitive and high-volume applications. The PX safety load strips are compatible with ICCONS PX375 and most any low velocity .27 calibre Powder Actuated Tools. The safety strip is moulded in a special length to provide a visual indication that the tool is loaded.

This listing features one box pack of yellow strip shot loads. It works with various manufacturers, Ramset SA270, Cobra + and Viper tools, POWERS P3500, PA3500, P3600, Rocket, XT540, Hilti DX350, DX36M, DX451, DX460 and all other 27 calibre tools. These loads provide enough power to penetrate concrete and hollow blocks.

- Yellow, medium loads are used for fastening into concrete and masonry

- High-quality powder results in fewer residues - your powder-actuated tool will remain cleaner and in better working order

- Quality loads mean fewer misfires and less waste

- Producing a high-quality cartridge means each component of the process - driving power, firing sensitivity, propellant specification and magazine strength - is correct

- There are 10 yellow strips per box; 10 bullets per strip (100 Bullets total per box)

Ramset powder loads and tools match tolerances to provide optimum power within recognized national velocity standards. Available in colour-coded 10-load discs, 10-load strips, and 100-load boxes. Always test-fasten with the lowest power level for your tool. If more power is necessary, use the next highest power level until proper level and fastening is achieved. Refer to the operator's manual for more specific details. Observe all safety reminders. Tool operators must be trained and qualified as required by federal law. Failure to use properly can result in serious injury or death to users or bystanders.

Advantages Powder Guide: Power level is designated by the load level number marked on each box; also by the colour of the box and each powder load. As the number increases, the power level increases.

Powder loads for powder-actuated nail guns contain gunpowder to create a controlled explosion that drives fasteners. These charges are colour-coded and numbered to ensure workers use the correct amount of force for the fastener and material. Power level is designated by the load level number marked on each box; also by the colour of the box and each powder load. As the number increases, the power level goes up too.

Jamaica hardware is the best online shopping platform where you can buy Ramset load Strips Yellow 27 Cal Strip Loads. Jamaica Hardware delivers the most unique and largest selection of products from across the world at the best prices and the fastest delivery time.

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