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3500 Colors Of Tri-State Area

by Shabbir Ezzi 01 Mar 2024
3500 Colors Of Tri-State Area

The Tri-State is filled with colour - from the vibrant communities and cities in which we choose to live and do business, to the natural hues of our gorgeous lakes, wooded areas, rivers, and plains by which we show pride. At Jamaica Hardware we partner with premium paint retailer Benjamin Moore to share and celebrate the inspiration we draw.


Check out the video below featuring some of the tri-state influences from Benjamin Moore that you can work into your space. Join us by sharing the colours you call home. Just tag your photos with #3500 Colors to have your own local colour inspiration featured on the Benjamin Moore page, and be sure to follow @benjaminmoore .

Over 3500 Colors…


..and we've just the ones for you. you'll find beauty everywhere in our 3,500+ paint colours from Benjamin Moore. From the south side to the shores of the Great Lakes, a day we’re surrounded by inspiration.


The Tri-State region is home to busy cities, friendly towns, active farmlands, lovely natural plains, our flowing waterways and lakes, and natural life of all shades and tones. Find a colour that resonates with you and transform your home for a comfortable feel.

Top Trending Color Inspirations Benjamin Moore 

Take a Spicy Red

Deep reds are a well-liked choice for many folks because of their energy and classic appeal. Reds add a pop of colour to front doors, accent walls, and comfy spaces and bring the warm feelings of spiced cocoa or the sensuality of samba to your space. Caliente is infused with notes of cinnamon bringing the warmth and richness of a chile pepper.


Try Lush Yellows

Yellows are available in all shades, like our beigy neutral yellow,  Yellow Spaces invokes the heat of the sun and the sway of grain fields in the wind - perfect to adorn your walls with colour and texture


Refreshing Greens And Blues

It's no mistake that blues and greens are a number of the most popular colours for the home; They’re serene like the landscapes of the Tri-State- a gently-wooded lakeshore to the flat green plains after a spring rain.


New American Neutrals

Relaxing neutrals enrobe a space in calming beiges and greys. Ice Cap is a frosted mossy green while White Down has the subtle warmth of natural wool. Create moments of tranquillity in your space or the perfect backdrop for your photos and décor.


Try Rich Brown

Deep rich-toned browns are a well-liked choice for their sophisticated and classic appeal. Browns like Riding Boots bring the nice and cosy feelings of spiced cocoa and the richness of finely worked leather perfect for that media room, study, or home bar area.



There are around 3500 MORE COLOR OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM Click here



To learn more about the 3500+ paint colours of Benjamin Moore, be sure to contact or visit us today at Jamaica Hardware. We are located in Queens, NY. Whether you know exactly what type of Benjamin Moore paint and paint colour you want or you need some inspiration, our friendly team of experts is here to help you along your interior or exterior design journey!



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