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Victor Hold-Fast M668HDB Mouse Trap, 5.9 in L, 4.3 in W, Glue Locking

Victor® Hold-Fast® mouse glue traps attract and securely hold mice and insects. Each trap is 100% disposable which allows for simple clean ups. The glue is scented with peanut butter to tempt pests into venturing onto the traps where they will remain until the time of disposal. Simply place your trap wherever you notice pest activity and wait for the trap to do the work for you. Rest assured that kids and pets will not be harmed with the poison-free glue formula. The most innovative aspect of the Victor® Hold-Fast® mouse glue traps is its bendable design. The trap can be folded to into nearly any shape to accommodate being placed in a variety of areas such as in between appliances, under furniture or in corners of various rooms. The trap can even be folded into a tent shape to prevent dust, dirt or debris from settling on the trap, while also reducing the chance of children and pets from touching the sticky surface.

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