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T-Rex 241358 Duct Tape, 30 yd L, 2.83 in W, Polyethylene-Coated Cloth Backing, Gunmetal Gray

Whether you're sealing, repairing or holding a utility cover in place, T-Rex Tape can accomplish all of your extreme DIY projects on your seasonal to-do list and even those tougher tasks that happen in between. This extra-wide, ferociously strong duct tape offers better coverage when protecting, supporting, repairing, holding or sealing materials while letting you get more done with less strips of tape, saving you time and money. Built for strong holding power with rough, dirty surfaces, you can tackle any project through all types of weather and temperatures. Whether it's around the home or on the jobsite, T-Rex tape will hold longer and stronger than regular duct tape making it ideal for any project big or small.

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