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Richmond Encore Series 12G30-60 Induced Draft, Natural Gas, 29 gal Tank, 60000 Btu BTU, 0.71 Energy Efficiency

The Richmond® Encore® XR90 29-gal Natural Gas Water Heater comes with a 2 years In Home Labor Warranty and has a powerful 60000 Btu burner featuring reduced emissions Low-NOx technology. This High Btu burner allows the XR90 to provide more hot water than a standard 50-gal model, and the reduced 29-gal tank size makes it 17% more efficient than a standard 50-gal. This heater provides ample hot water for households with 4 people. The heater also features an FVIR System, an exclusive air/fuel shutoff device that prevents ignition of flammable vapors should they be detected outside the unit. The air intake is designed to be completely maintenance free with no filters to clean or replace. The heater has a 12 years tank warranty and meets or exceeds NAECA and ASHRAE requirements.

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