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Cabot 1100 Series 140.0001107.007 Semi-Solid Siding Stain, Natural Flat, Liquid, 1 gal, Can

Cabot semi-solid stains are richly pigmented, deep penetrating linseed oil-based stains that provide long-lasting beauty and wood protection. These unique stains provide greater hiding power than semi-transparent stains, yet their attractive flat finish highlights the natural beauty of the wood's texture. With the extra pigmentation, Cabot semi-solid stains are extremely durable and help protect wood against the sun's damaging ultra-violet rays. Richly pigmented, environmentally friendly and 100% acrylic resin-based, easily cleaned with soap and water. Acrylic stains provide long-lasting, vapor-permeable and UV-protection that beautifies and enriches exterior wood surfaces. Formulated with non-fade, earth tone pigments to weather slowly over time.

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