What Color Should I Paint My Room?

What color should I paint this room? is undoubtedly the most frequent query from homeowners, as almost every interior designer will concur. We prefer Benjamin Moore Paints for rooms. If the top question, it's surely in the top two. We comprehend. Picking a paint color can be difficult. Those paint chips from the paint store only give a glimmer of the final outcome. The hue is frequently not precisely what you expected once it is on your wall. There's a rationale behind that. Each paint hue is made up of different pigments. We all get that at a fundamental level. The issue is that once those hues are applied to our walls, undertones that might not have been as noticeable on the tiny paint chip decide to make a home there. The flawless grey you thought you were getting will soon be purple, green, or blue instead! What white paint shade will work best for your cabinets? perhaps the ideal shade of grey for a bedroom?

Important Points to Keep in Mind

The truth is that while undertones do matter, choosing your paint color last is actually more important. Yes, you heard correctly. The most common error made by homeowners is choosing paint colors before choosing hard furnishings or finishes for their area. Look at your finishes first if you need to choose a paint color for your kitchen. Jamaica Hardware is the leading supplier of Benjamin Moore Paints In Queens, USA.

The flooring is what color? The countertops, what about them? What kind of finish is on the plumbing and hardware? Backsplash? Do you intend to alter any of these components during this process? If not, consideration must be given to all of these already-present components when selecting a benjamin Moore paint color. Make those coordinated choices first if you intend to change any of the finishes. Similar to this, consider all of your current finishes and furniture when choosing a paint color for your living room.

So what comes next?

You sample after deciding on the finishes and furniture for your room. Pay close attention when I say that choosing a paint color without first testing it on your walls will be your worst painting letdown. Additionally, you should test out several colors on different walls and at various hours of the day. You don't want to paint swatches all over your walls, do you? You are not to blame. Here, there is an easy fix. Purchase some poster boards in addition to your sample purchases. On your poster boards, apply your sample color twice and then tape them to the walls.

This is fantastic since it allows you to paint a sizable area and get a pretty accurate idea of how the color will look in the space. In the morning, afternoon, evening, and night, check your swatch. I also advise leaving the poster boards up for a few days if you can wait a few days before painting. We have Benjamin Moore interior paints and exterior paints. By doing this, you may observe how the color changes when the weather changes from sunny to cloudy. How a paint color reads in your space will depend on a variety of things. For instance, a paint hue will read significantly differently in a room with plenty of windows letting in natural light than it will in a room with few or no windows. The room's orientation will also play a significant role. Even with many windows, a room facing north doesn't receive much sunlight. Obviously, this will affect how the paint color reads.

How to Be a Designer

Designers approach paint colors exactly as I've just described. Finally, we choose paint colors for a space after taking into account its hard finishes and furniture. Yes, we do sample colors as well. Of course, with expertise and frequent color selection and testing, we eventually come to rely on a few tried-and-true hues that we've found to perform well in most settings. Even then, sampling is still used. It's quite significant.

Jamaica Paint's Most Recommended Paints :

- Super White (Benjamin Moore)
- Oxford White (Benjamin Moore)
- Cloud White (Benjamin Moore)
- Chantilly Lace (Benjamin Moore)
- Silver Drop (Behr)
- Balboa Mist (Benjamin Moore)
- Stonington Grey (Benjamin Moore)
- Gray Owl (Benjamin Moore)
- Newburyport Blue (Benjamin Moore)
- Gentleman's Grey (Benjamin Moore)
- Mozart Blue (Benjamin Moore)