13 Most Popular Paint Colors from Benjamin Moore in 3D

A room in your home that needs painting? Whether you want to paint an entire wall or just an accent wall or trim, there are thousands of different wall colors available, making it difficult to choose a paint color and color palette. As a result, we discover that having some assistance in selecting a hue always helps.

We've long been admirers of Benjamin Moore's paint hues, so we made the decision to compile a list of his top 13 hues. Additionally, we'll show you how these top-selling paint colors seem in various spaces so you can see how the colors work with various pieces of furniture and decor rather than simply paint swatches.

Did you realize it? You can experiment with any paint hue in your room thanks to our 3D design technology. Start a design project, and our designer will walk you through the process of choosing colors. (They'll also assist you with layout, furniture choice, and other things.)

Get ready for some big color inspiration as you read on for our top picks of Benjamin Moore's most popular hues.

1. Edgecomb Gray

One of our go-to grey hues is Edgecomb Gray. This earthy, organic neutral is aesthetically calming and has a trendy bent. It is a timeless color with a contemporary edge. Edgecomb Gray's timeless appeal makes it suitable for use in any space, but if you're looking for a neutral color that can be used in a variety of settings, we recommend it for hallways and entryways.

2. Hale Navy

This tone of blue is quite elegant. Hale Navy is a heavily saturated shade of navy blue with strong maritime overtones. If there ever was a timeless classic, this is it. But because it's such a striking color, depending on what it's combined with, it can actually acquire a pretty trendy look. But because it's such a strong hue, it's important to make the room's other colors more muted and use a restrained color scheme so as not to overpower the wall color.

3. Hawthorne Yellow 

In search of a cheerful yellow? The ideal color is Hawthorne Yellow. This warm and vibrant hue of yellow fills your house with sunshine all the time. It's a mellow yellow color with a tiny undertone of grey that is universally appealing. We really love to see it in kitchens, bathrooms, and nurseries.

4. Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter is a warm undertoned light grey. This timeless color gives any space a calming sense of restoration. (In fact, in our round-up of Benjamin Moore neutral paint colors, we ranked this color the comfiest neutral!) In open floor designs where it may flow from one area to the next, we adore this color. Almost any room benefits from this color's adaptability.

5. Hunter Green

In the world of trends, Hunter Green is having a significant moment. This hue of green, which is now regarded as a "new neutral," can liven up practically any decor. However, it looks right at home in a glam setting when mixed with jewel tones and metallic finishes. This color mixes wonderfully with wood tones in traditional and modern rustic spaces. For an eclectic feel, it works nicely with other hues, but when combined with neutrals, Hunter Green really shines.

6. Swiss Coffee 

The Off-White Color Collection by Benjamin Moore, which consists of chic, adaptable white hues that produce quiet spaces, includes Swiss Coffee. This is one of our favorite colors since it complements practically any environment and is a universally appealing tone of warm off-white. Since Swiss Coffee is a calming and warm color, rooms like bedrooms, nurseries, and home offices are particularly well-suited to it.

7. Wrought Iron 

Wrought Iron is a color in Benjamin Moore's Color Preview, a range of vibrant, saturated hues that may help make a place come to life. That's exactly what this hue does. Wrought Iron is a striking charcoal grey that is ideal for designing warm and contemporary places, such as a living room where you can watch TV or even as an accent wall for a hip nursery color scheme!

8. Manchester Tan

Manchester Tan would be the hue of khaki pants if paint were. The historic Manchester Town Hall in England's sandstone facade and sculptural embellishments served as the inspiration for this color. It's a real brown color that is timeless and sophisticated and works well in any setting. However, it excels in spaces like bedrooms, dining rooms, and family rooms where you wish to bring visual coziness.

9. Palladian Blue

Nearly straddling the blue and green spectrum, Palladian Blue. With a tinge that Benjamin Moore claims is a hint of mother of pearl, this delicate, airy color conveys the sensation of where the sky and the sea meet. This color is surely one to try on if you enjoy pastel hues.

10. White Dove

Many Instagram influencers and bloggers choose White Dove since it is a traditional white and a fan favorite. This timeless tone of white is brilliant and light. Although white walls are particularly common in contemporary and minimalist homes, this soothing white complements any design. White Dove is one of our favorite relaxing colors for bedrooms and nurseries.

11. Van Deusen Blue

Van Deusen Blue is one of 191 classic hues that make up Benjamin Moore's most well-known color pallet and are inspired by the historical sites of America. This is a sophisticated and elegant shade of blue with obvious classical undertones. When utilized as the primary wall color in a room, it looks fantastic, especially if the area has molding or traditional architectural aspects.

12. Saybrook Sage 

The Historic Color Collection also includes Saybrook Sage. This elegant, calming shade of green looks great in light areas like nurseries, sunrooms, and open living rooms. (However, it also appeared on our list of the top Benjamin Moore paint colors for bedrooms.) These calming earth tones are complemented by natural materials and wood tones.

13. Caliente 

Ready to raise the stakes? Caliente is a fiery and alluring hue of red that infuses your room with serious vigor. Red is a very strong color, making it feel challenging to use in interior design, yet it looks wonderful in kitchens and dining areas. If you do decide to use it in your bedroom, stick to an accent wall because a full wall of such a strong red will overpower the room.

Caliente blends nicely with contemporary designs but also works well with classic ones. This fiery hue should be countered with neutrals like black and white as well as metallic accents like brass or silver.

Want to look into further Benjamin Moore's hues? Check out the Color of the Year for 2022 from Benjamin Moore. Working one-on-one with an interior designer will enable you to choose the ideal paint shade for your room.