You finally chose the best paint color for a room in your home, but what about the paint finish? Choosing the proper sort of paint finish is extremely important, since this addition will establish the general search for your newly painted room. Not many people recognize what paint finish works best for each individual space. For instance, the paint finish for your bedroom (considered a “low traffic area”) shouldn't be an equivalent because the paint finish for your kitchen or bathroom, which needs to be highly durable. No need to worry – this guide from the experts at Jamaica Hardware will help you with choosing the perfect Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint Finish for any room in your house.


The term flat paint means this finish has the smallest amount of shine. A flat finish doesn't reflect light, which suggests it'll not provide any sheen. With less shine and sheen on your walls, this eventually lets more paint color come through. With a better pigment of color, the flat paint finish produces a smooth appearance, which is useful for hiding flaws like patches, nail holes, scratches, blemishes, and more. However, you ought to not be employing a flat paint finish for top traffic areas in your home. Since this finish is the hardest to wash , flat paint finish works best in low traffic areas, including bedrooms, home offices, and ceilings.


  • Hides Flaws

  • More Paint Pigment

  • Requires Fewer Coats


  • Difficult to Keep Clean

  • Least Durable Type of Paint

Best Used For

  • Low Traffic Areas


From professional painters to DIY-ers, eggshell paint finish is extremely favored nowadays. The eggshell finish has slightly more shine thereto than the flat finish. Don’t get hung abreast of the name “eggshell” – this paint finish is very durable and straightforward to wash , making it perfect for mid to low traffic areas including your hallways, front room , and even your entryway. The eggshell paint finish gives a low-sheen and soft, smooth result that really resembles an eggshell. This finish is useful for hiding any blemishes on your walls and it resists stains.

Pros Of Eggshell Finish

  • Easy to Clean

  • Perfect Amount of Shine

  • Resists Stains and Hides Wall Blemishes

Cons Of Eggshell Finish

  • Difficult to Touch Up

Best Used For

  • Mid – Low Traffic Areas


Panorama frame Laundry room interior with cabinets, washing machine and dryer against white wall. Window, laundry basket, clothes rod, and tile floor can also be seen inside this room.

Pros Of Pearl Finish

  • High Durability

  • Easy to Clean

Cons Of Pearl Finish

  • More Susceptible to Showing Lap Marks & Other Painting Flaws

Best Used For

  • High Traffic Areas


Very almost like the flat paint finish, matte finish is practically “shine-free” and also provides the advantages of hiding wall imperfections and having a high color pigment on your walls. The main difference between flat and matte finishes is that matte is a bit more durable. Matte paint finishes also require fewer coats of paint, which makes it simple for touching up and may prevent money. A matte finish will work best for rooms that have low traffic, like adult bedrooms, ceilings, or a proper dining room.

Pros Of Matte Finish

  • Shine-Free

  • Depth of Paint Color

  • Hides Imperfections

  • Easy to Touch Up

Cons Of Matt Finish

  • Difficult to Clean

Best Used For

  • Low-Traffic Areas



Semi-gloss paint has the shine and reflective characteristics perfectly fitted to your kitchen or bathroom. Semi-gloss paint finish is very durable, also as mildew-resistant, making this the simplest choice for top traffic areas which will have moisture present and/or everyday wear and tear. Also, using a semi-gloss paint finish will give your room a shiny, sleek, and brighter look than other whites and finishes on the market. This paint finish is designed for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and cabinets, as well as for trim, doors, chair rails, and more!

Pros Of Semi-Gloss Finish

  • Shiny & Reflective

  • Highly Durable

  • Mildew-Resistant

  • Easy to Clean

Cons Of Semi-Gloss Finish

  • Shows Imperfections

Best Used For

  • Trim

  • High-Traffic Areas

Benefits of Regal Select Interior And Exterior Paint

Regal Select interior paint offers many essential benefits such as:

  • Outstanding quality:Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint offers unbeatable quality because of its superior resin and colorant formula. Colorants are the pigments that give the paint its unique shade and characteristics, and resins are the binders that make the film and finish of the paint. The better the colorants and resins, the greater the paint quality will be. Benjamin Moore's Regal Select paint has custom-formulated colorants and resins for optimal performance.

  • Saves time:If you are working on a deadline or want to complete your paint project as soon as possible, Regal Select is an excellent time-saving choice. As a complicated paint and primer in one product, it eliminates a step within the preparation process. With its 100 percent acrylic formula, Regal Select also bridges more voids and cracks in fewer coats, and it is fast-drying for a speedy recoating process.

  • Durable: The paint provides outstanding durability for unequaled performance. With outstanding cohesion, it applies firmly and evenly for a reliable finish even on surfaces that are hard to coat. It is fade-resistant, so it'll retain its stunning color and shine for several years to return . Regal Select is additionally an exceptional choice for bathrooms and other areas of your home with high moisture concentration due to its resistance to mold and mildew.

  • Great coverage:With its high-performance properties, the paint gives great coverage, especially over large areas. It is a superb choice if you're trying to find a Benjamin Moore ceiling paint option.

  • Low-maintenance:Regal Select is very washable, so cleaning is quick and straightforward . A simple application of water and mild dish detergent is enough to remove any buildup of dirt and grime.

  • Environmentally friendly:As a low-VOC (volatile organic compound) product, Regal Select is an eco-friendly choice. It is also a low-odor paint, so you will not have to work with harsh fumes while you work.

Regal Select Exterior paint offers many essential benefits such as:

  • 100% acrylic-fortified with up to date alkyd technology for superior adhesion, even on chalky substrates.

  • Superior flow and leveling provides ample open time for detailed jobs like doors, trim and shutters.

  • Tenacious adhesion on hard-to-coat surfaces provide versatility across multiple substrates, including PVC siding and trim.

  • Low temperature application right down to 35°F increases the painting season.

  • Durable finishes that endure fading, cracking and peeling so every job looks freshly painted for years.

  • Provides a mildew-resistant coating.

At Jamaica Hardware, you can shop all Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Interior and Exterior Paint colors and finish by ordering online or picking up in-store. Experience premium performance from Regal Select Interior and Exterior Paint, which provides easy application with smooth and beautiful results each time you paint. Regal Paint is available in five finishes, including flat, eggshell, pearl, matte and semi-gloss, as well as a full spectrum of colors. If you would like more information, please visit our Newyork locations in your neighborhood or contact us today.

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